Engineering Services

IWS is specialized in the field of water and waste water industry, hence, the following range of Engineering Services is being offered

  Process Plant Design Engineering using AutoCAD
  Project Feasibility Studies and Evaluation
  Process Technology Appraisal and Selection
  Process Optimization
  Basic Engineering
  Detailed Engineering
  Advanced Process Control
  Overall Project Management
  Upgrading of Existing Facilities
  Technical Troubleshooting
  Cost Estimating and Proposal
  Procurement Services and Sub-Contracting
  Equipment and Material Supply
  Training of Personnel
  Installation, Commissioning and Site Management
  Engineering Consultancy and Advisory
  Process Design Basic
  Block Flow Diagram and Process Description
  Material List and Specification
  Process Flow Diagram
  Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
  Equipment Data Sheet Specification
  Process Instrumentation and Control
  Description of Interlock and Shutdown Systems
  Pipe and Valve Sizing and Specification
  Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  Detailed Plot Plans and Equipment Elevation
  Other professional services


M&O Department has a general task to ensure the following:

  Engineering and design meets plant requirements.
  Quality of supplied material conforms to specification.
  All safety regulations and standards are observed.
  Whole erection/installation is checked thoroughly.
  Related items are tested & the settings are of correct values.

Our Departments

  Projects & Engineering Department
  M&O Department
  Sales and Distribution Department
  Water Recreation Department

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